The Spec Miata (SM) class is intended to provide the opportunity to compete in low cost, production-based cars with limited modifications, suitable for racing competition. The rules are intentionally designed to be more open than the Showroom Stock class but more restricted than the Improved Touring or GT class. Spec cars, such as SCCA Spec Miata, NASCAR and increasingly Formula One – take the car out of the equation and it becomes more driver vs. driver. This is the purest form of racing. The idea is to eliminate the race car element and focus on the drivers, their car setup, the competition, and to create an even playing field for everyone. This series shall be fun to watch and participate regardless of their speed. The Mazda Miata has been competing very successfully for over a decade in the US. The Spec Miata is a proven concept and is very marketable. And now it has finally made its debut in Canada. In a combined effort of the Spec Miata Championship Drivers Association (SMCDA) and Atlantic Region Motor Sports (ARMS), this series will take place from May to October on the 2.75km, 11-turn Road Race course at Atlantic Motorsport Park, Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia (see link on calendar for track location). The Championship consists of 15 Sprint-type races. As a bonus to this incredible new series, all SM class Miatas are eligible to participate in ARMS 1-hour endurance championship during a typical ARMS race day. This is a separate championship from Spec Miata Championship with no contingency fund or payout from SMCDA.

For Series contacts, please see the Contact Us page.

A message from SMCDA

As the president of SMCDA I would like to clarify the role and duties of Bruce McNutt and myself:

Our primary duty is to promote the amateur road race series “Spec Miata Championship” for all of us to enjoy. We represent you and we decide by majority what is best for the Spec Miata Championship through the Drivers Association, (SMCDA). We are your primary contact for any questions regarding the series. We also administer contingency sponsors of prizes or monies on your behalf. Other duties include locating and nurturing relationships with sponsors.

We do not represent nor do we have any affiliation with A.R.M.S., its directors, officials or anyone associated with the sanctioning body, other than holding a membership or race license. SMCDA is not exclusive to A.R.M.S. We negotiated with them to run a separate race(s) on their race weekends. SMCDA has primarily run at AMP during ARMS sanctioned events considering SMCDA is based in the Maritimes. We are strictly the promoters, we do not officiate, we do not control and we do not govern races.

So what happened with A.R.M.S. negotiations? ARMS demanded SMCDA to be registered with the joint stock of NS as a non-profit society. ARMS indicated if we were not registered, we were not a recognized entity in NS and could not sign a contract. In other words the contract could not be enforced by law if SMCDA wasn’t registered. At the time we felt this was not required and were willing to sign the contract in our personal names, for which ARMS would not accept. Considering the contract content is about who is responsible for what, why all the fuss?

SMCDA has been in default with the registry of joint stock of Nova Scotia since 2011. Although ARMS had no issue with cashing over $4,500.00 worth of cheques that we have submitted since that date of being in default. They indicated during recent negotiations that we had to be a non-profit society to ensure of no gain and must submit financials to them annually. It has come to my attention that they were afraid we would run away with sponsorship money if we were not a legal entity, lol. SMCDA has given back to you, the racers, more in the last five years than anyone has ever seen in this region, over $50,000 and counting. Furthermore on Facebook it was noted by members of the race committee that while being in default we did not carry insurance. Not sure why promoters have to carry liability insurance as we only promote, we do not organize or officiate. So to stop the detractors from making SMCDA look bad we have decided to become a legal entity with the registry of joint stock of Nova Scotia. I finally had some time to visit Halifax and meet the nice people at Joint Stock to register SMCDA. We are current and up to date, a legal entity!

Note: if you search their online database for SMCDA and find us in default it is because it takes up to 10 business days to update the website and database.

So what happens to the unsigned contract with ARMS? Well I believe that is now a moot point in 2016 as ARMS has decided to promote a similar series based on their deadline of February 1st for SMCDA to be registered. Apparently ARMS did not know the NSRJS website takes up to 10 days to refresh.  See previous topic for details of contract.

So what is new? What is happening with SMCDA?

  • First off 2016 race season is upon is, we are negotiating with race tracks – more to follow.
  • We are about to launch our new Race “Forum” on www.specmiatachampionship.com website and move our conversation away from the ARMS forum altogether.
  • Negotiating with new and current sponsors for amazing sponsorship opportunities for all of us to gain from during 2017 and beyond (possibly 2016) – stay tuned.
  • New race tire in 2017. I would encourage you not to invest too heavily in tires for the 2016 season as we will have a brand new tire in 2017. The Toyo Proxes R888 will not be available beyond 2016 in North America after stocks are depleted.

Open conversation is welcome and encouraged.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon and proud to be your president of SMCDA.

Yours in Motorsports,


ARMS Assumption of Spec Miata – Response

For immediate release regarding: ARMS Assumption of Spec Miata – Response

Dear Spec Miata Competitors, car owners, future competitors and owners,

I am sorry to announce the impasse between ARMS & SMCDA.

Bruce and I were working to resolve this with an announcement pending regarding the two of us continuing with promoting the Spec Miata series, as we have done for the past 5-years.

It is my error that I missed a deadline that was given to us by the ARMS board of directors. Dave Hull and Nate Perron gave me an envelope at the Rallycross event on January 24th of which I was competing at and helping to run with 64 entrants, a busy day for me. They presented me with an envelope, I asked for them to tell me the contents as I did not want to open it at the event, besides I was wearing ski gloves and it was cold, lol. I was told the basic contents, although I do not believe they mentioned a date, regardless I missed the information about the deadline date. I did not open the letter as I flew to Ontario the next day on business for the week. Upon my return I forgot about the letter and became self-absorbed in the start-up of a new business. When I received the email today from Brent O’Connor only then did I realize my mistake of not opening the letter and not putting the deadline date in my calendar. Sorry!

Since November’s deadline Bruce and I were trying to get a contract signed with details of ARMS responsibility and SMCDA responsibility. In fact Bruce and I signed a contract however ARMS did not sign it. After many versions of contracts sent back and forth we were almost back to the same contract written 5-years ago that we all signed. So why was this not signed or resolved?

ARMS was telling SMCDA they must be in good standing with NS Registry of Joint Stock as a Non-profit society. Bruce and myself did not want to, nor did we feel we had to be a non-profit society. The society act is very clear regarding directors only being active for 5-years, including distribution of funds etc. The society act requires 5 directors, it is only Bruce and I promoting the series for your benefit. Also considering the very small amount of sponsorship monies we were bringing in and then giving back to you, the competitor, it was not worth the hassle to registered in our opinion. We were willing to sign a contract in our individual names to promote the series however monies to ARMS would only be offered if sponsorship was obtained.

The contract:  ARMS wanted $1,000.00 plus $500.00 towards advertising per year, which is taking the money we acquired through sponsorship, the very same monies we were offering to you as prize money and subsidies of entry fees. SMCDA was paying for the year end trophies (and race day trophies, something we were working on) while ARMS offered no discount on entry fees. In addition SMCDA supplies the scales and platforms for technical inspections, not to mention the decals, door cards and windshield banners, swag etc. They also wanted us to provide a race steward as approved by ARMS and certified by ARMS along with a technical rules inspector. Considering the sanctioning body is organizing and officiating the event, we declined to offer a steward or inspector. Those two positions would be very difficult to fill. If SMCDA was managing a race steward or technical inspector we felt it could not be done unbiasedly and fairly considering Bruce and I are also competitors in the series and the promoters.

So today we have all been informed ARMS is the promoter of SM, I am as surprised as you……  I am lost for words!

I wish you all the best in your motorsport ventures and may you have many laps and years of racing enjoyment ahead of you.

Yours in motorsports,

with my friend and competitor Bruce.

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Congratulations Cal VanDaalen, the 2015 SMCDA Champion!

For Immediate Release;

Dartmouth, NS ( September 21, 2015) – On behalf of the Spec Miata Championship Drivers Association we would like to take this time to congratulate Cal Vandaalen (Grand Lake, N.S.) on winning the 2015 Toyo Tires Spec Miata Championship. Cal was pretty much unbeatable all season and he most definitely put together a paramount racing program to make this Championship happen.

The Toyo Tires Spec Miata Championship is a 15 race event series, using Spec prepared Mazda Miata sports cars, hosted by Atlantic Region Motorsports at Atlantic Motorsport Park, Shubenacadie, N.S.

As part of MazdaSpeed and Mazda Canada’s involvement in this Series, Cal now has the opportunity to once again make an application to Mazdaspeed for consideration to be a finalist in the annual Shootout competition in California this Fall. Good Luck Cal! Cal did compete in the Shootout two years ago against stiff competition from across North America.

Congratulations, two-time Toyo Tires Spec Miata Champion, Cal Vandaalen.


Welcome to the 2014 Toyo Tires Spec Miata Championship!

2014 represents the 4th year of the Series. Each year our series keeps getting more competitive & exciting as our car count continues to grow. Again, we are looking forward to a larger race car count this year. At the time of writing we are aware of 12 cars in the region, now wouldn’t that be awesome if all competitors made it out for the first weekend!!! We are very excited as our series now has the largest class competing at AMP (for over 2 decades!)

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1992 Spec Miata For Sale

1992 Spec Miata

This car is one of the very first Spec Miatas ever build. It was originally built in Massachusetts in 2000 by Spec Miata guru & Spec Miata founder, Dave Delgenio. It has won two overall 12-Hour Enduros and countless podiums. It is now on its 3rd SCCA Log Book with over 100 entries. This is a 2nd owner race car and I’ve competed with it in 33 races. There are no noted DNF’s and none by me. I have had countless podiums racing this car including several wins as well as winning the overall 2012 Toyo Tires Spec Miata Championship that took me to the Mazdaspeed Shootout competition in California. 

This car was never wrecked but has had its share of battle damage. The only original sheet metal panels are the rear quarter panels. Everything else has been replaced. However the car is very straight and very well balanced. The last couple of years the car has suffered misc. scars from running up front (as ALL winning SM cars have suffered). Therefore the body now requires a little freshening up. When sold, this car will have the necessary bodywork completed and fresh paint. If sold in the next few weeks I will paint it the desired colour of the new owner. Currently it is Smurf Blue. I will also install a complete new set of Spec Miata Championship Series decals if desired by the new owner. It will be 100% race ready when sold, including all fresh fluids. Best lap (in SM trim) at AMP was a low 1:20.

Full details and Parts list by clicking ‘Continue Reading’!
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